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Concurrency: Comparing Golang's Channels to C#'s Async/Await

golang dotnet concurrency

Comparing concurrency in Go (golang) with C#’s Async/Await.

Creating a simple metronome using Javascript and the Web Audio API

javascript web-audio

How to accurately schedule audio events when writing a time sensitive Javascript application.

Recreating the old iCloud background using Javascript and a HTML Canvas

javascript html-canvas

In this post, I go through the steps I took to recreate the background that used to be on the iCloud web site - blurry bubbles!

Light and Dark theme toggle on a Laravel website

laravel dark-mode

I find using a dark theme for my IDE and operating system is much easier on my eyes, so I use it wherever possible. In this post I explain how to create a toggle button to switch a Laravel website between light and dark themes.

Replacing a Danfoss TP9000 with a 3rd Generation Nest


Step by step instructions on how to wire up a 3rd generation Nest in place of a Danfoss TP9000.

Installing Lubuntu on an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11

Lubuntu linux

I wanted a cheap laptop with a decent battery life to run a Linux distribution on and decided on the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11. This post details what I did after installing Lubuntu.