Finally live!

Just a quick post to test this website and touch on a few topics that future posts will be about.

I've owned the domain that this site is on for a few years now and yet this is the first version of this site that I feel is "finished". There have been several versions of it before, but they were only partially complete and were littered with the words "coming soon".

With this version, I decided to follow the KISS Principle and just get a basic blog online.

Here are a few things I did differently when building this site.

  • Firstly, I just got the site built without worrying about things like best practises and whether I was coding it "properly". Constantly reviewing your code and rewriting can be beneficial but it becomes counter-productive when it stops you actually getting things built. If you're a developer you can view the code on Github. Note, however, I do plan on tidying things up in future.
  • Although I built the site as quickly as possible, I did however consider its size and speed. For example, it's only a blog and so I didn't just automatically include Javascript and CSS frameworks. Nor did I include any custom fonts.
  • I coded the site in 10 - 15 minute bursts whilst on the train to and from work rather than trying to find larger blocks of time to work on it.

I'll post full articles on each topic in future and will link to them here. But for now - watch this space!